Sick of being sick and tired? Feel like having no energy is holding you back? Ready to drop extra weight and toxicity? (And are you ready to do it the smart way so it stays off?)

I totally hear you.


You’re crazy busy.

You know you have to make a change.

If all the running around you do already would just translate to the kind of running around that makes your ass shrink, you’d be in great shape.

But you don’t want to go it alone, you don’t want it to be so hard, and while we’re at it, if it could be fun that would be great, too.

You’ve tried to lose weight before – and it never stays off.

Between starving yourself on the latest fad diet, binge eating it all back, losing the weight again, and then rewarding yourself with food, you know what doesn’t work, and like hell are you going to commit to another 30 days of torture that won’t fix anything long term.


I’ve got something that’s going to blow you away. A way to get your body back on track and get you on your way to feeling amazing.

home-quickeasy This is the real deal – your first simple step to taking back your life.

How does it work? It’s simple. One weekend = A more awesome you

No pills, potions, or powders – just real, whole foods and taking care of what matters most – you!

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You’ve got nothing to lose but the pounds.