I lost 95 lbs working with Mary Jean in just 7 months, going from 320 lbs down to my current weight of 225 lbs!

I wasn't sure if it could be done but she assured me that I could easily lose the weight. I originally had a goal of 60lbs to lose and I easily passed that goal. I had tried losing weight in the past by just working out but I never really cleaned up my eating habits before. Working with Mary Jean, I really didn't need to work out, just eat healthy, she made it really easy to stay on track. Thanks to Mary Jean, I learned what I need to know about nutrition for the rest of my life.

My life has changed in MANY ways, my confidence is up and I feel more comfortable around people. Also, I used to have to buy my clothes online because I wore a size 4x shirt & had a 44" waist. Now I can shop anywhere I want because I am down to a size 1x shirt and have a 36' waist. I was surprised by how easy it was to lose weight. Every week I saw results on the scale and in the mirror! I feel great now!

Tyeler Dimone
College Student

"In the first month working with Mary Jean I lost 20 lbs!”

I didn't think I would lose that much weight so quickly especially because I never felt hungry. The weight literally fell off me! Before I started working with Mary Jean I was shaky a lot in between meals due to Type 2 Diabetes and I was just tired a lot. One of the biggest things I noticed was that I didn't get that shaky feeling anymore, my blood sugar was stable all day long because I changed my diet and I also have a lot more energy now. All negative symptoms that I was feeling before working with Mary Jean are now gone.

I learned more with Mary Jean in one month than I ever did at Weight Watchers. I learned so much about healthy eating. I learned how to shop for food, I learned that vegetables really fill me up, I learned how to choose healthy foods that also taste good, I learned what to look for on food labels, I learned how to choose foods that will stabilize my blood sugar. And the preparation was really easy, I was expecting to spend a lot of time preparing healthy foods but I didn't spend anymore time than I did before! I think about food differently now. I just feel so much better overall and this has positively affected my kids too, I'm really looking out for what they're eating. I feel a lot better about myself, I have more energy, I'm excited for the future and I'm definitely excited to get rid of all my old pants that are now so big!

Gloria Ruscitti

"So far, working with Mary Jean, I have lost 15 lbs in just 6 weeks and I am still losing weight!”

What surprised me was that it was easy to lose weight and I never felt as if I was in a state of deprivation.

I wasn't sure it was going to work as first because I was never hungry, in the past I relied on starvation to lose weight on my own. This time was healthier and much more satisfying. In addition - Mary Jean supported and encouraged me so the process was painless and easy. I have more energy and self esteem now, my clothes fit much better and I am fitting into things that I haven't worn in a couple of years. Life is better now!

Terry Mirachi

"I am full of energy I never had in the past.”

"Thanks to working with Mary Jean, I can look in the mirror these days and love who I see! It has not always been this way, I had fallen into a downward spiral of poor health, exhaustion, and depression after just two short years of working for the railroad. My days seemed to be nothing more than work, broken sleep patterns, and waiting by the phone for my next assignment. My diet consisted of caffeine, fast food, and alcohol. I rarely saw my friends and family and my work peers were other out of shape, unhealthy men aging way before their time.

Time and time again I would ask myself, how did I let this happen? How is this my life? Is this as good as it gets? One day I asked myself the most important question of all, how do I CHANGE? I wanted desperately to feel good again, to love my body again, to love life again! Shortly thereafter I began working with Mary Jean and not only did she provide me with an effective workout and diet plan that fit my busy schedule, but also the knowledge I was lacking in exercise and nutrition which gave me the tools to help me help myself! After only a few weeks I began to see unwanted fat replaced with lean muscle mass, I was full of energy I never had in the past, and my self esteem was at an all time high! Best decision I ever made!

Steven Briggs
Train Conductor

"Mary Jean really represents someone with the know-how and ability to teach..."

"I have always strived to maintain a healthy lifestyle and good well being and because of this I didn't really think I was in danger of any major health risks usually associated with poor diet. So now, at age 36, I find that I have high cholesterol.  What a bummer! One of the first things I did was to converse with Mary Jean. She was able to make some simple suggestions on how I could remedy my cholesterol to a lower number.  Mary Jean saw flaws in my diet that I really didn't pay too much mind to but the reality was I needed some improving. I didn't have to make any drastic eating changes, just make some here and there and foods to cut back or avoid in order to reduce my cholesterol, Mary Jean really taught me a lot about food.

Mary Jean really represents someone with the know-how and ability to teach another with little to no knowledge how to maintain a healthy body weight and get the desired physical results they seek. She woke me up to a lot of gaps with eating and exercising and for that I am so grateful to have her available and very thankful for all she has taught me. Thanks Mary Jean!"

Daniel Zammito
Network Administrator

"My life is totally different now, I have so much confidence..."

"I lost 65 pounds working with Mary Jean!  She has been an incredible influence in my life. I had no idea what kind of foods to eat and what to avoid before her.  My life is totally different now, I have so much confidence and it has changed every aspect of my life. I have 2 kids and a demanding career but I still have the energy to workout!  And the best part is that I have kept this weight off for two years now.

I saw results right away and now I have sexy, shapely arms and legs and my stomach is flat…all after two kids! Mary Jean ignited a passion in me for exercise and I can't imagine life without it now, I really look forward to my workouts after a long day! I don't know where I'd be without Mary Jean but I definitely would not be the confident woman that I am today, with a body that I am proud of!"

Roberta Albino
Registered Nurse