Are you sick and tired of trying to lose weight and never seeing any lasting results?

Are you confused about what to eat and what not to eat?

Do you feel like you should have more energy & vitality from the foods you’ve been eating?

It’s time to consult a nutrition expert about what foods would help you look and feel your best.


As a result of working with me, you can… 

• Lose weight effortlessly and keep it off

• Learn what to eat to support your unique goals 

• Have increased energy & vitality

• Gain confidence in how you look

• Gain a better understanding of healthy cooking & eating

• Feel empowered about your health

• Gain mindfulness around hunger & eating 



Services Offered:

1. Initial Consult

In this 90 minute consultation, I will assess your food & fitness habits as they stand right now, help you identify your health goals and help you move toward them with coaching, supplement recommendations, assessment of lab work, nutrition education, and meal planning.  I will design a personalized nutrition plan appropriate for you needs and health concerns.

2. Follow-up Consult

The number of follow-up consultations depend on your individual needs.  At a minimum, 2 follow-up consults will help us track progress and tweak recommendations.  As the focus moves towards maintaining wellness, clients can follow up seasonally to learn how to care for their bodies, the seasonal Kickstart Cleanse is a great way to stay on track with optimal wellness. 

3. Kickstart Cleanse

This is a 10 day seasonal cleanse made up of whole foods & self care techniques.  It includes two 30 minute consults, one at the start of the cleanse, used to personalize it to your unique needs, and one at the end, to help you transition to eating off the cleanse.

4. Free 15 Minute Phone Consult

This consult will help you see if working with me is right for you.


Initial Consult – 90 minutes – $150

Follow-up Consult – 45 minutes – $90

*Package of 3 Consults (Initial Consult & 2 Follow-ups) – $250 this includes a savings of $80

Kickstart Cleanse – 10 day cleanse including two 30 minute consults – $97

Client Forms:

For your Initial Consultation, please download the Welcome Letter and the Client Intake Form below.  

Please fill out electronically and email the forms to me at  Make sure to download forms and save to your computer first and then save as a new file once you fill in your data.

Please send your intake forms back to me before your appointment. Also, please share any recent lab work with me before your appointment.

     Welcome Letter

     Client Intake Form

          *Please download the Client Intake Form and save to your computer prior to filling this out.


I’m looking forward to working with you!

Have questions? Email me and ask me anything.